Promotional Blue Light Glasses (Helpful and Fun!)

  • Sep 17, 2019

Blue light is something that naturally occurs in the sky that turns it blue. This is how your body knows when it should be awake when it's nice and bright outside. As more and bluer light is being emitted by the screens we carry around with us, our bodies can get confused. Watching TV late at night or checking your phone could be enough exposure to keep you awake later into the night. Luckily there have been new ways to fight off the effect of these rays. One that you can use to promote your brand today is Blue Light Glasses!

Check out this infographic if you are still seeking more information on blue light or what exactly the glasses do to prevent the light from entering your eyes.

Infographic about blue light glasses

Using Glasses for Promotional Efforts

The above text and infographic should leave you with a good idea of what exactly is being blocked. It also should have given you an idea of how it helps to have some protection against the harmful effects of blue light. Now, we want to show you how to use these devices for promoting your brand and giving your client something trendy that they'll love.

You can choose to be subtle and understated in the eyewear world with the simple one or two-toned glasses. Below you will see a simple two-toned pair that Mazza Healthcare used to promote their brand. They kept it clean with a brand on the side and small favicon in the top of the glass. It looks good and could easily become anyone's go-to glasses when watching tv at night.

clasic blue light glassesNext, you have something just as clean and simple. It has the branding on the glass and a small logo on the earpieces. Where they stand out from the crowd of facial wear is the design on the frames. The frames have a nice natural pattern that goes great with the brand. Use these to land something your customers will gladly wear around the office or while they are working on a computer. fun blue light glassesHopefully, you enjoyed our informative blog post about these new promotional items. If you are looking to start a design for some of these glasses or anything else to promote your brand contact us. You can reach us at our main phone number; +1 847-776-0222. We look forward to hearing from you!

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