Finding the Best Promotional Gifts

  • Aug 13, 2019

With all of the online marketing that goes on in the world, customers are looking for more personal connections with brands. If you are reading this article, chances are you understand this and are looking to find out what promotional gifts work. It's not really a matter of if they work, but how you can make these gifts work for you. Read this blog post to find out more about using effective promotional items.

Ordering Wholesale Promotional Products

If you don't know a ton about who all you are going to be handing these promotional products out to consider ordering a whole lot of items to hand out. This method can be very effective at trade shows if you want to hand out a bunch of stress balls or ballpoint pens to just get your brand out there. Tradeshows are the perfect opportunity to distribute a ton of branded items and get your name out there.

Including tradeshows, we have compiled a top three list of events where ordering a bunch of promotional products at once is a good idea;

  1. 1. Tradeshows - This is the most obvious situation for ordering bulk because it occurs so often. Like stated earlier, this is the opportunity to get your name out there. Don't forget to add business cards to anything you hand out so they know who to get in contact with when they are ready!
  2. 2. Events that you Sponsor - Sponsoring events is always a great idea to create brand awareness and show everyone causes you care about. These events can be a big missed opportunity if you choose to not hand out something to the people attending. People at the event may see your name on the banner, but they will have a hard time remembering your brand without something to take away from the event. Give them a tote bag to carry all their gifts around with them!
  3. 3. First Time Visitors - It might be in your best interest to give your customers a first-time item to remember visiting your location. This can be something simple. Some of our Banks gave away free coffee while people waited to be helped and allowed them to take the cups out with them. We helped them set up branded to-go cups to give them an extra brand touchpoint when customers left with their coffee.

Company Promotional Items (Corporate Gifts)

If you are looking for something a little more individualized or for your bigger customers, then you are going to want to look into more corporate gifts. These gifts are more for individual clients that you want to make a lasting impact on. These gifts could be combined with your online efforts by sending individual gifts to your top leads. Give them a taste of the customer service they are going to experience when they sign up with your company.

Now you could just send these people the classic promo items of lip balm and water bottles, but these are your best customers or leads. If you are going to send the normal business promotional items, at least send it in some kind of combo. Make it feel more like a gift and package deal. The goal of these kinds of promotional giveaways is not saving money, but rather to land bigger leads or secure customers you already service.

Now since some of these places might be used to receiving all kinds of promotional items, you are going to need something to connect. Give it a personal touch with these video cards. Combine these with your digital marketing efforts to nail home that personal touch!


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