3 Things to Look for in Comfortable Professional Scrubs - (Custom Printed WonderWink & Zoe + Chloe Scrubs)

  • Apr 8, 2019

With the advancements WonderWink and other scrubs brands have made in comfort, scrubs have to be comfortable to work in nowadays. It just makes sense that when nurses are out saving peoples' lives, they should at least be comfortable while they do it. Read through this short list of 3 things we think every medical center should consider when purchasing scrubs.

Consideration 1 - Can They be Branded to Your Medical Practice

The importance of establishing a brand people can trust in the medical field is more important than ever. People are coming in at some of the most monumental points of their lives, and how they view your staff at this point makes a lasting impact. You want your nurses to be not only comfortable but a good representation of your medical practice's brand. All the hard work and kindness is wasted without a branded logo on the scrub or uniform for the patient to associate the experience with.

If you are looking for brand printed scrubs and medical uniforms, we do offer those services at BRIDGE®. Check out more info on scrubs here.


Consideration 2 - Are They Seasonal or Trendy Scrubs

Coming into a medical or dental practice can be scary for a lot of people, so any effort to make the patient feel comfortable will be noticed. Customers appreciate the personal touches that you add to make them relax and if your practice involves seeing kids, you're going to need all the help you can get. Rotating scrub patterns based on the season may be a strategy that could help your employees out a ton, all while being a fun talking piece with any patient.

If rotating scrubs isn't your practice's style or just isn't practical, try something trendy like Zoe + Chloe's Emoji Scrub Pictured below. It is a simple yet fun touch that most people will recognize. Even if people don't understand the reference, they will appreciate the effort and build that brand loyalty you're practice needs.

Zoe + Chloe Emoji Scrubs

Finally, if you're practice prefers to go industry-specific, adding animated print patterns to can be a tremendous investment. Remind customers that you are professionals in your field, but you still want to make them feel comfortable. A perfect example of this is the teeth with smiles patterns below;

Zoe + Chloe Dentist Scrubs

Consideration 3 - Will the Scrubs Withstand the Work

If your practice is anything like most, you get a lot of work done in the clothes you wear to work. If nurses scrubs are ripping or showing holes, how do you think your patient is going to feel about the medical service they are being provided? You need material that is both comfortable and durable enough to be worn the whole day.

Once you have the right scrubs for the job, your nurses aren't going to want to switch. Instead of receiving constant complaints about rips or irritation from the clothes, you'll begin to hear about your scrubs as common praise around the workplace. Take one more thing off of your HR's complaint department with scrubs that are built to last.


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