6 Products to Include in Every Holiday Gift Basket

Nov 22, 2019

It’s always a good idea to get those gifts planned out and ready to go before the holiday chaos begins, and that includes client appreciation gifts. But, what do you get them? Put in extra thoug...

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Building Brand Awareness Using Established Brands

Nov 18, 2019

It is no secret that clothing companies that use their own logo to create brand loyalty works right now. People are wearing clothing with huge Fila logos covering most of the space. With all the hype ...

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Promotional Blue Light Glasses (Helpful and Fun!)

Sep 17, 2019

Blue light is something that naturally occurs in the sky that turns it blue. This is how your body knows when it should be awake when it's nice and bright outside. As more and bluer light is being emi...

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Finding the Best Promotional Gifts

Aug 13, 2019

With all of the online marketing that goes on in the world, customers are looking for more personal connections with brands. If you are reading this article, chances are you understand this and are lo...

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Top-Rated Business Promotional Products (5 Marketing Promotional Items to Stand Out)

Jun 26, 2019

No matter what time of year that it is, trade shows just seem to sneak up on you. You're running low on business cards and all the pens you normally hand out are now being used as office pens. You can...

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Raise Awareness for Turtles with Reusable Straws

Apr 30, 2019

Why are Reusable Straws becoming so Popular? This is a question that many of you may be wondering as you see the person next to you pull out a stainless steel straw at Burger King. Well, just because...

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3 Things to Look for in Comfortable Professional Scrubs - (Custom Printed WonderWink & Zoe + Chloe Scrubs)

Apr 08, 2019

With the advancements WonderWink and other scrubs brands have made in comfort, scrubs have to be comfortable to work in nowadays. It just makes sense that when nurses are out saving peoples' lives, th...

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BRIDGE® the One-Stop Print Shop

Mar 29, 2019

BRIDGE® aims to be the one place that you turn to for all your print and promo needs. Stop wasting all of your time with late orders and no inventory. Step up to the professional class with a BRID...

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Case Study: A Gift to Build a Dream On

Jan 03, 2019

Description: Medium Pillow Box Industry: Healthcare Personalization The pillow box was modeled after designs used at a charity golf tournament benefitting the hospital. Because children at the h...

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Case Study: Pillow Box

Dec 03, 2018

Objective A children's hospital wanted to send a thank you gift package to donors. They wanted patients to be able to add a personalized touch to the gift to connect donors better to the cause. Prod...

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5 Military Themed Promotional Products

Nov 02, 2018

We’ve got camouflage. We’ve got utility. We’ve got plenty of “olive drab” to go around. If you are looking for products that appeal to military personnel and their famili...

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